Nathalie is a great English language tutor! She had lessons with my daughters. With both girls the teacher has established a good relationship. The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, is in the fourth grade, but her knowledge is equal to the sixth grade. From the very first lesson Nathalie set Liza right up for an in-depth study of English. And it produced great results.

Alena, Accountant

Nathalie is a young, energetic teacher with her own techniques. She immediately found a personal approach to my child. Daria even asks to increase the number of English lessons, because now a lesson with Nathalie for her is like reading a favorite fairy tale.

Daria is a rather reserved child and the teacher has found a psychological approach to her, managed to unlock her potential. The result is already noticeable according to marks in the 4th grade. We are very happy!

Elena, Manager

Classes are very good! My daughter really likes Nathalie, she enjoys attending her classes. Eleanor will take the GIA in English, and as far as I can tell, the tutor has developed a fairly effective training program. Because of the busy schedule, my daughter has to transfer classes, so we are grateful to the tutor for flexibility and loyalty: she always meets our requests and adapts to our schedule

Elen, Business Owner

We continue our classes with our English teacher Nathalie. We are pleased with her work. Both personal and professional qualities are suitable for us. The teacher gives knowledge at a high level, she has a good pronunciation. Nastya is studying with desire and preparing for the GIA. We hope that the preparation will be successful.

Natalia, Housewife

Valery studied English with Nathalie during summer holidays. He has a solid “B” at school in the subject, but we wanted more in-depth knowledge. The tutor’s reviewed grammar rules with my son, helped to consolidate them in exercises. I think that our cooperation with Nathalie Couzon has been very productive so far, therefore I’ll give the teacher an excellent grade for her work.

Irina, IT Consultant

I am super enthusiastic about Nathalie and my cooperation with her. She conducts our classes in English really professionally, devotes enough time to both grammar and listening. I recommend lessons with this tutor to students of any age.

Anne, Doctor

Both me and my daughter love classes with our English teacher Nathalie. We take classes in turns.  I am satisfied with both communication and teaching methods. The teacher prints a lot of materials, we write a lot, we listen, we read, we perform various exercises and tasks. We are satisfied with the cooperation, we will continue our work together.

Ksenia, Sales Manager

Dear Nathalie, you are one of the most diligent teachers we’ve ever seen. We wish you all the best and all the luck.

Christiana Lee, CEO “ATM English”, Teacher Trainer