China is undoubtedly an interesting destination for teaching as well as travelling. It is culturally and economically well developed in the present day scenario and the country is placing huge importance on education. With China becoming the second largest economy in recent time the Chinese population is very keen to provide good education to their children from an early age. Hence China offers great job opportunities to the aspiring and experienced TEFL teachers especially in sectors like pre and primary and nursery education. Teaching techniques have undergone a great change as it is not limited to traditional methods but bringing in latest methodologies along with the current global trends. Moreover, Chinese people did not have much urge to speak in English earlier unless they were keen to work in a multinational company but now they are eager to learn English, the international language of communication. Hence this has increased employability for ESL/EFL teachers as well.

Today I would like to share with you my story of how I became a Teacher and a Teacher Trainer in China!

I have lived and taught English in Shanghai, China for 3 years. I helped my friends Paul O’Sullivan and  Christiana Lee to start and develop a language school from scratch.  As the first company to introduce a western styled library program into China, that model school was under a lot of pressure to not only get things right, but to be an exemplary model for future branch schools and franchises. Looking ahead I will tell you it worked well: from 5 students and 1 little classroom and 1 teacher (me) we managed to grow in 2 floored office with more than 50 students and 5 teachers.

I worked as a teacher and manager in that school and was tasked with teaching, marketing assistance, the hiring and training of new teachers, product development, QC and CRM functions. In the area of management, I brought in new teachers, trained them and managed their performance, thus ensuring the high quality that parents and schools have expected.

I have also participated in product development, giving feedback and suggesting how to improve and streamline teacher packages. In the school I fully managed an education program, developing teaching resources, schedule and lessons. Teachers from other schools came to my classes to learn from me techniques and methods of teaching to later implement them in their own schools.

I will honestly tell you before I have never taught very young learners. It was my first real experience. When I came teaching in Shanghai I had no real teacher training except a diploma from a university. I was thrown to teaching kids aged 4-5 years old only after a few days of observation of another teacher. I had neither time nor chance to learn and prepare. BUT! I was able to IMPROVISE! and I had a GREAT desire to LEARN HOW to TEACH! Yes! I was teaching myself slowly, gradually but constantly. I read a lot, watched Youtube. Then I took part in several teacher training seminars that my school was organizing for teachers all across China. First I was just an observer and I tried my best to soak all information like a sponge. But then! When I proved to be professional enough to train other teachers I took part as a teacher trainer to introduce some of my teaching methods and techniques that you can see in these 3 videos.

 English for English Teachers. Part 1 “First Steps”

In this video I will explain you how I teach Alphabet, Phonics and Vocabulary to kids and will show you some of my teaching tools like: sandpaper letters, Montessori movable alphabet, word puzzles.

All teaching tools are made by me.

English for English Teachers. Part 2 “Phonics in Games”

In this video I will introduce you some of my Phonics, Vocabulary  and Sentence-building Games and DIYs.

English for English Teachers. Part 3 “What is Important”

In this video I will give final tips of how to be a SUPER TEACHER!

You can also check Gallery “Thematic lessons” to see examples of me teaching and using my methods and techniques from these videos.

What games and teaching techniques did you like the most? Drop me your comments below!

Happy Teaching!

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